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Cello . Piano . Guitars . Drums

STANDARD BROADCAST is a Pittsburgh, PA based Indie Rock four-piece. Nathan Jay (piano and vocals), Leland Shaw (cello), Adam Seymour (guitar), Thomas Persson(bass) and Patrick Riley (drums).

Formed in 2014, Nathan and Leland set out to create a more dynamic, catchy feel, without the traditional guitar/bass ensemble. After six months of songwriting, the duo went on to add hip-hop driven beats. Add to that Nathan's rhythmic piano skills and rock-inspired vocals, along with Leland's classically trained cello experience, and their music developed into an indie flare. They are now a full five-piece outfit completely locked into to their own unique sound.



In the summer of 2016, Nathan Jay of Standard Broadcast founded a music festival aimed at raising money for local musicians to further their careers. "Indie-Rockfest" has become one of the most fun and sought after festivals in Pittsburgh, currently just announcing its 5th consecutive event November 20th, 2021. 100% of proceeds raised through ticket sales and sponsors gets split evenly through the participating bands.

Check the festival out at:

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